Over 25 locations in top locations

Get access to all our centres. Most, centrally located in the Oslo area - all with a high standard.

Room for growth and change

Do you need a larger or smaller office, or want to add some desks? Evolve is made for flexibility.

All inclusive - without long-term obligations

We have a short notice period from 1-3 months. You get fully furnished offices with everything you need.

See our agreements and find your price here!

All furniture, operating and common costs - such as electricity, cleaning, internet, coffee and print are included in the rental price. You pay one price without surprises. The offices can be changed in step with the company's development. Team office and places in open landscape - have a high standard.

- from
2 990,-

Our most flexible office. Access to all multi-room and office spaces in open landscapes

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- from
3 990,-

Permanent office in open countryside with unlimited access to all facilities.

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- from
5 490,-

Own office - large or small - where only the team has access.

Få plasser igjen i Oslo

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Jens Rask Jensen
Evy Marie F. Lavik
Merlinda Dresh
Elisabeth Vikenes
Aziz Chaer
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