How and why to redesign your office space (with examples)

May 14, 2024

The perfect office should support a hybrid working model and new ways of working, while also having a vibrant and inspiring expression.

Office design affects employee satisfaction and productivity. The key to any successful refurbishing in the workplace is a perfect blend of optimal functions and good aesthetics. An appealing office will not only affect you and your team, but also how both customers and potential employees see your company. Research from Forbes shows how the next generation of workers (gen-Z) consistently chooses away workplaces that do not prioritize flexible, welcoming and inclusive offices.

3 signs that you are ready for an office redesign.

  1. Low productivity and high operating costs
  2. Great business growth
  3. The company culture needs a positive boost

Why is it important and correct to keep the office up to date?

No matter how much you travel, on inspections and in customer meetings away from home, the office will always be a central part of everyday work. The office is where paperwork is done and teams meet. An office with a bad ~vibe~ can indirectly negatively affect your team's culture, productivity and efficiency, as well as their overall well-being at work.

9 tips to freshen up the office

  1. Buy a plant
  2. How about a fun desk lamp?
  3. Can you hang a picture on the wall or on the desk?
  4. A personal chest of drawers?
  5. How about a small blanket?
  6. Can you set up a silent server
  7. Bring your own coffee cup!
  8. Subscribe to a separate newspaper for the office
  9. Buy another plant<3
A woman unpacking a new plant at the office
A new plant lifts both mood and air quality!

Giving the workplace a boost shows that the company cares about the employees' daily experience. You can simply maximize productivity and improve your employees' trust and commitment with a fresh and updated office.

Today, one is no longer dependent on the workplace to get work done. The office is a destination in itself. Consequently, the office must be able to draw people together and offer a hub for corporate culture, where flexible employees actively want to be: a place for collaboration and networking.

A well-designed workplace can have a real impact on new customers. Although digital presence is important, the first impression of a company's office premises can influence potential customers. Maximize this by creating a place that truly reflects your company's identity and professionalism. Show your customers what you stand for. Are you a flexible company, so maybe you sit in flexible offices?

Read more about: Flexible office - the complete guide

Maximize productivity with intelligent office design

Productivity, profitability and engagement begin with employee well-being. Secondary functions such as good cleanliness, internet speed, good lighting and good ventilation lay the foundation for a good environment throughout the workplace. But even though these functions are essential for creating a workplace where employees thrive, think creatively and work better, it does not stop here.

The requirements for office premises are constantly evolving. With the rise of flexible working, many companies have fewer employees in the office at the same time. An intelligent office design can help to optimize the design by creating spaces suitable for both individual and joint work.

A carpet rest in a chair on the office
A carpet and some working footwear sets the tone for a relaxed workday at the office.

Make your office more efficient by making it homey!

You can easily make your mark on your desk and your ~space~. Successful corporate culture does not come prepackaged in a product. To create a space that employees feel connected to, you must add something that tells your story and the company's values.

Studies also show that plants have a particularly positive effect on both air quality and atmosphere. Try to include natural elements such as wood, stone and natural light to achieve a naturally calming effect. Large or small plants add the finishing touch to any room and can be scaled up or down to fit any budget.

An important checklist before you start redesigning the office

Before deciding whether and how to refurnish the office, you must decide what your real goals are for the redesign. Before you start planning major and minor investments, you should think about what the company wants to achieve in the office in the big picture.

  1. Evaluate what you have now – what works, what doesn't?
  2. Look past current design trends – just because it's cool today, it's not necessarily useful tomorrow.
  3. Set a clear budget for what you want to spend.
  4. Hire professionals when needed – nothing is as expensive as making the wrong choice.
A newpaper and a coffe mug sits at the office desk, with a plant in the backround.
Make it homey at the office with newspaper and personal mugs.

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