Flexibility is our business.

At Evolve, we can offer completely new, flexible and exciting areas. Sustainability is leading when we choose places, buildings, designs, furniture and fixtures. The offices can grow and change together with the company and you get a consistently high standard of common facilities and your own offices. All meeting rooms, furniture, operating and common costs are included in the rental agreement.

Why choose Evolve

Breeam certification — FSeveral of Evolve's office centers are Breeam certified. Read more about the certification here

We emphasize sustainability when we design and decorate the premises. All furniture is produced with environmental certificates and we have used environmentally friendly materials.

All with good workplaces, meeting rooms and quiet rooms. The centers are in a top location - most in the central Oslo area. With a flexible office at Evolve, you have free access to over 25 Evolve centers.

PowerHouse — Evolve offers flexible office solutions in one of the world's most energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings. Read more about PowerHouse

A business must grow! An Evolve office provides a good framework for the company's different needs in a growth phase. We have invested in premises, furniture, infrastructure and design. Everything is ready to move in on the day. The company can focus on market, products and customers. Evolve takes care of the operation of the premises. The solutions, the environment and the atmosphere set the standard for effective and creative collaboration.

Evolve Parallel — We develop good indoor and outdoor environments for our tenants. Visit Evolve Parallel and experience Oslo's best views.

We care about you and your business. With a flexible office at Evolve, you become part of a larger community, where we cheer on each other.

We have several social zones where meetings over a cup of coffee can be decisive for how the day goes. Well-being and creativity arise where people meet.

Access to over 25 centers

As a tenant at Evolve, you have access to more than 25 office centers with associated large and small meeting rooms. These meeting rooms also provide a great advantage when you do not have a permanent place of residence in this area as of today. An Evolve office also provides a perfect alternative to a working day at the head office.

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