1. Contact information for Evolve

R8 Evolve AS - with subsidiary / partly owned company - is responsible for processing your personal information. If you have questions about the treatment or want to get in touch with us to exercise your rights, you will find our contact information below:

R8 Evolve AS

PO Box 1019, 3901 Porsgrunn, Norway Organization number: 823555792

E-mail address: welcom@evolve.no

2. Key concepts

Personal information is information that alone or together with other information can be used to identify, locate or contact a person. Examples of personal information are name, telephone number and IP address.

Processing of personal data involves all forms of handling of personal data such as: collection, analysis, registration and storage.

The data controller is the one who decides the purpose of the processing of personal data and what information is requested. The data controller is responsible for ensuring that the handling of your personal data takes place in accordance with the current Personal Data Act.

3. Evolve is responsible for processing

Evolve is responsible for the processing of your personal information.

4. What kind of information do we collect?

When you register via a form, order a service or product, use our chat function or visit our website, you may be asked to provide information. Depending on the situation, we may request the following personal information:

● Name

● Email address

● Telephone number

● Which business you work for

● Position or area of responsibility

● Which industry you work in

● Website address of your business

● Other information such as in-depth questions or answers to forms

● Technical information: which URL you use to access our websites, your

IP address and user behavior, type of browser, language and information about identification and operating system.

5. Paragraph 6f as an alternative to selected consent via the website. Consent can be withdrawn

We are based on legitimate consent based on Section 6f of the Privacy Act. If you have entered into a customer relationship with us before, or you are a new customer, this will be a legitimate reason to send you information. This is equated with a consent in accordance with the Marketing Act as the law has been in Norway for many years. You can - at any time - withdraw this consent for us to process your personal data. If you withdraw your consent, we will remove the information we have about you. Please note that deleting the information with us may affect the delivery of information within the framework of the customer relationship, as well as affect ongoing dialogues. We keep the minimum information that makes it possible to maintain the delivery to you as a customer.

6. Information from other sources

When you agree that we process your personal information, you also agree that we may register other information about you that you have given us on a previous occasion. Based on publicly available information, we may also supplement your registered information with industry and additional contact information. If you are a customer with us, we can also add additional contact information to your information, which you have registered with us via e.g. telephone for customer service. Information needed for the services you will use will also be stored.

7. The purpose of the processing of personal data?

The information you provide is used for the following purposes:

● Sales and marketing activities in the form of direct e-mail or

telephone contact

● Customer care and information about our products

● To obtain statistics and information on user behavior to improve both

the website and the user experience itself

● So that we can give you a more personal experience and deliver products and

other content that interests you

We request your personal information to:

● Respond to requests

● Submit the desired material, or in other ways be able to fulfill our obligations towards you submitting your information

● Create and maintain a sales dialogue

● Send information that may be of interest to you

● Add to e-mail list for news and other content that you have chosen to receive

● Be able to deliver the agreed service. Mainly admission and booking

8. Consent to e-mail correspondence, direct marketing and further contact

By agreeing to our processing of your personal data in accordance with the above purposes, you agree to the following:

● We process your personal information in accordance with this the privacy statement

● We can send you directly email marketing about our products

● We can contact you by e-mail or telephone

● Subscribe to newsletters via e-mail you have chosen to receive. You can say no to further emails by follow the link at the bottom of our emails, or by contacting us directly.

9. How long is the information stored?

We process the personal data only as long as it takes to fulfill the purpose of their collection, then we delete the information.

If you have an active dialogue with us, we will take care of your information for 2 years from the last contact; then we remove the information we have about you. An active dialogue is defined as having interacted with Evolve or our representatives over the past 2 years by telephone, by answering e-mails, downloading material on the website or registering via a form.

If you have consented to the processing of your personal data in connection with you accepting regular e-mails, we will continue to process your personal data until you terminate your subscription. We then store your personal information for 2 years before we delete the information.

In the event that you are employed in a company that is a customer of ours, we process your information within the framework of customer processing. For active customer relationships, we process your information until (1) you terminate your position in the company, or that (2) the company no longer has an active customer relationship with us. When a customer relationship is terminated, the terms for storing and processing information change to the same terms as described in the previous sections. If you terminate your employment with the company, you are responsible for notifying us so that we can delete your information.

10. Who can the information be shared with?

The information provided will be available to a limited number of people in the business, who either work in the marketing department, customer support or sales.

The information is also available to selected persons in companies in the same group structure as Evolve.

11. Information sharing with third parties

We do not sell your personal information to third parties. If there is an ongoing sales or customer dialogue between you, us and any of our partners, we share information such as:

● Name

● Email address

● Telephone number

● Which business you work for

If we have registered your information in connection with an event carried out together with an external party, we may transfer the same categories of personal information as indicated above, as well as any answers to further form or further questions.

12. Where is the information stored?

The information is stored by Evolve in

our customer system. We have a data processor agreement with all our suppliers.

13. Your rights in relation to access, deletion and possible relocation

You have the right to receive information about what information we have about you. You can also demand that we correct incorrect information or delete your information.

If you wish to withdraw your consent or demand an overview of information, correction or deletion, please contact us at the e-mail address we have provided under the section for contact information. To receive such information, you must send an electronic copy of the request to a signed document. If you want to move information, we can also help you with that

14. Other purposes

If we are to use the personal data for a purpose other than that for which they were collected, the duty to provide information reappears and we must then state what the new purpose is and provide parts of the information above again.

15. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you download a website.

Storage of information and processing of this information is not permitted unless the user has both been informed of and has given his consent to the processing. The user must know about and approve what information is processed, what the purpose of the processing is and who processes the information,

We only use cookies to give you a better user experience on our pages so that you do not have to fill in fields again every time you are on our pages.

16. Email and phone

We use e-mail, chat and telephone as part of the daily work. Relevant information that emerges from telephone conversations, chats and e-mail exchanges, which takes place as part of customer processing, is registered in the customer system.

Our employees also use e-mail in general dialogue with internal and external contacts. The individual is responsible for deleting messages that are no longer relevant, and at least every year reviewing and deleting unnecessary content in the e-mail box. Upon resignation, the e-mail accounts are deleted, but some relevant e-mails will normally be transferred to colleagues.

Sensitive personal information should not be sent by e-mail.

We would like to inform you that regular e-mail is unencrypted. We therefore do not encourage you to send confidential, sensitive or other confidential information via e-mail.