10 things for young professionals to do in Oslo!

May 14, 2024

Sometimes you just want some quality time with good colleagues. But the question of what to do can come as quickly as the first initiative is taken. We have collected 10 things you can do with colleagues in Oslo!

Games and play, bar and chat, bass and dancing, surely you must have some food and snacks in the afternoon? Is it the season for outdoor parties, or are quizzes and concerts preferable? Despite being a small capital city, Oslo is growing quickly and there are many opportunities to fill an after-work position.

Start the evening

If you start straight from work, it may be a good idea to find an alternative with some form of food service.

Tip 1.

Oslo Streetfood is located in old Torggata Bad and is a large food hall with over 15 different food stalls with kitchens from all corners. Here there is something for every taste, and with serving both inside and outside. When the weekend comes to an end, a dance floor is made in the old pool.

Tip 2.

There are lots of little hidden gems around Oslo. Here you can walk straight past without discovering well-reputed restaurants that create the city's most popular dining experiences. There is something for everyone if you know where to look. Whether you want a burger or pizza. Fine dining or seafood. French or Asian.

Let the games begin

There's nothing like kicking off an after-work party with fun and excitement - also known as meeting your colleagues' true competitive instincts for the first time. There is a lot to come up with for the game-loving crowd. Cue – bar & billiards, the dart bar Oche, or board games and quizzes at Colonel Mustard. The relatively newly opened indoor Boulebaren in Grønland can also be an exciting place to check out!

Tip 3

Otherwise, the arcade bar Tilt in Torggata is also worth mentioning. This is referred to as a world-class arcade, with a whole bunch of well-known arcades and pinball games. Everything from PAC MAN to the Avengers can be found in the two-story bar. There is also a shuffleboard and pool table.

Tip 4

If you are an unceremonious bunch, a trip to Oslo-snakkisen, Norway's first and only improv theater might also tempt you. Det Andre Teateret, located between Torshov and Sagene, has different performances every Wednesday-Sunday.

A woman holding a pink bowlingball
Let the games begin!

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A city with a view?

When the warmer half of the year is upon us, there is little that can top a good after-work on the city's best roof terraces.

Tip 5

MAD at Bar's roof terrace is centrally located on Vulkan, with a view out towards large parts of the city and down to Grünerhagen. The summer restaurant is open from May to September, and here you can enjoy everything from finger food to delicious cocktails and mocktails.

Tip 6

One of the city's newest roof terraces, Kranen sits atop the much-talked-about Munch Museum. Here you get a view of both the fjord and the city. You can hardly enjoy a day in good weather better.

Dance till dawn

If at this point you feel the mood is constantly uphill and need the redemptive bang a good after-work can glimpse with, this evening you have a couple of choices left.

Tip 7

Perhaps the karaoke concept that has taken Oslo by storm is something for you. SYNG now has three bars around the city. Book a room and rock to the beats of life with new and old friends.

Tip 8

At the same time, there is little that beats a vibrating dance floor. Here there is a dance floor for every taste. The food halls Oslo Street Food and Barcode Street Food are transformed into clubs with dance floors when the weekend approaches. For a dance floor with gold and glitter, Nox & Sollihagen might be the place for you or the slightly more eclectic version of gold and glitter, Elsker might be exactly what you're looking for. Otherwise, the dancing feet rarely stand still on the popular dance floors of Blå, The Villa, and Youngs.

A group of collegaes eat togheter
It's always a good idea to eat something through an after-work.

For the sporty crowd

If you are a group that thrives best with a bit of speed in your body, there are many things to choose from.

Tip 9

Oslo is also the city for the more sporty crowd. Here you can find everything from paddle tennis to squash. The national non-profit organization BUA lends sports and leisure equipment to anyone with a residential address in Norway. Perfect for testing out new things! What better team-building than learning something new together?

Before Christmas, Spikersuppa transforms into an ice skating rink, it doesn't get more central. Bring or rent a pair of skates on-site and dance around on the ice until the need for hot cocoa arises. Are you of the slightly more adventurous type, might an ice-skating trip in the open field also tempt you?

If the snowy weather is extra good, a ski trip in Oslomarka with a stop at one of the many ski huts to buy a waffle with brown cheese is also an inevitable highlight. If you are looking for a common hobby, one of the city's climbing centers might offer a lot of fun!

Group of colleagues talkin into the night
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Tip 10

Oslo is a city close to the fjord. This applies to knowing how to make the best possible use.

Summer or winter, a fun evening for a group with low shoulders can be a trip to the floating saunas, a hot tip. There are several livers here and others who offer different packages. Several also give you the option of a refreshing bath in the fjord. Whether you are a group of two who want to stop by for an hour, or whether you want to go on a cruise in your very own sauna.

When summer is at its hottest, a dip in the fjord becomes almost a necessity. DNT's kayak rental from Oslo's newest district, Bjørvika, gives you a unique opportunity to see the city from a slightly different angle. From Sørenga sjøbad, anyone with a wet card can paddle straight out into the fjord with a friend.

If paddling is not for you, you can also get close to the fjord in other ways. How about filling your bike bag with everything you need for a picnic and cycling out to the popular bathing spots on Bygdøy such as Huk or head on to the slightly more secret bathing spots on Bygdøy. Lastly, on a days where you all need a new perspective on town, take the boat out to one of the small islands in the fjord and enjoy the islands' unique character and views of the capital from the other side.

If this isn't going to be an all-nighter, then we don't know any other advice! Feel free to give us your best Oslo tips the next time we see you in the hall ;-)

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