What does serviced offices mean?

Jan 10, 2023

More and more companies are wondering what the office of tomorrow will be like. An everyday life that combines home, virtual and office work is likely to become relevant. So, the question then becomes – in a more flexible working day, is the need for an office the same as before?

With a serviced office, you get more time to focus on what is important to you and your company. That is one obvious advantage. But what does a serviced office mean, and what benefits come with it?

How do serviced offices work?

First first. What is meant by a serviced office? In summary, it is simply a serviced office space. There you can move in on the day and start work straight away. The office facilities are administered, serviced, maintained, and handled by a staff. This type of flexible workplace is part of a growing global shift as companies look for more flexible ways to adapt their office and working life.

A meetingroom with several chairs and a fresh decorated floor-carpet
Book a meetingroom and begin the workday

The words "serviced office", "flexible office", "office center" and "office community" are used interchangeably and mean the same thing: a workspace that is rented out. They are always fully furnished and with more flexible lease agreements than conventional offices. The staff who serve the office are employed by an office-supplier who is responsible for equipping, managing, and maintaining the work area. The range of facilities included in the rental price will vary depending on the office-supplier. The facilities that are included in these offices are everything from meeting rooms that can be reserved to a free coffee and form a tempting part of the rental offer.

While conventional offices may try to lock companies into year-long contracts, in most serviced offices you can rent a space for a shorter period. Then the office provider can easily upgrade your agreement if you hire more people and realize that you need more space, and even move your company to a larger area of the office center. Similarly, if you need to cut back, many will allow you to reduce as needed.

Read our complete guide to flexible offices here.

Typical features you can expect from a serviced office, and why you should choose one for your next workspace

What is included in the monthly rent for a serviced office will vary from each office provider, but there are still several things that you can realistically expect to be covered in the rental price. Standard facilities in serviced offices include:

  • Kitchen nook
  • Bookable meeting rooms
  • Drop-in meeting room
  • Coffee
  • Wifi
  • Current
  • Training room
  • Shower
  • Games like a pool table or table tennis
  • Own relaxation areas

In a serviced office, you can move in on the day. Office-suppliers offer one rental price and take care of the management of the premises on behalf of the tenant. The process of renting a serviced office is designed to be hassle-free: move in on the day, stay as long as you need, and cancel with 1-3 months' notice.

Ready to move in immediately

Furnishing an office is a cost we cannot avoid. When you choose to sit in a serviced office, your workplace is already fully furnished before you move in. So you don't have to worry about buying desks, chairs, shelves, and other accessories or the cost of moving this furniture when you move into your new office. Wifi is already up and running, the floors have been freshly washed and the coffee machine is standing by with open arms to give you a good start to your new working day.

The office-supplier is of course also responsible for continuously upgrading and maintaining the office's facilities. So here you can expect state-of-the-art equipment at all times – without lifting a finger for it.

Kitchen section at the office with cups and muggs.
No day at the office without either water, tea or coffe.

Who can use serviced offices?

There is one answer to that, and that is everyone. That said, here are some regulars:

  • Larger organizations with external teams
  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs
  • Companies expanding into new markets
  • Companies experiencing growth
  • Project-based teams
An empty desk ready for new employees
You next workspace? Read more abour our flexible offices here.

7 advantages of choosing flexible serviced offices

A serviced office gives you more time to focus on what is important to you and your business. That is one obvious advantage. You don't have to deal with electricity bills and slow wifi, coordinate washing the stairs, and a dishwasher that clogs. As a manager, you can plan for tomorrow's uncertainty with a flexible office. Here are our favorite advantages of a serviced office.

  1. Flexible, short-term leases
  2. Simple budgeting. One rental price.
  3. Move in during the day
  4. Fully inclusive access to state-of-the-art and necessary facilities
  5. Easy to scale up or down your office premises
  6. Access to new networks
  7. Fantastic locations at impressive addresses.

Can I make a serviced office my own?

Yes. Many people want the opportunity to put their stamp on their office. The good news is that you can get both if you choose the right office-supplier. Several allow you to make company-personal adjustments in their "cubicle" of the office community. This way you can transfer your unique company culture to the office.

A man working on his telephone from the lounge area at the office
Relaxation in the couch while sending an email? Yes please.

Are serviced offices expensive?

It always depends on the calculation you weigh it against. Serviced offices can have a more expensive rental price compared to the rental price of other options. But serviced offices can still be a cost-effective solution for companies. With only one simple monthly expense, the company saves both administrative hours and purchases (such as coffee, printing, and cleaning services) as well as unforeseen costs. Although it may seem like a more expensive option than a traditional office, renting a serviced office can help your business cut costs.

The rental price of a serviced office depends on various factors. First of all, it costs money with impressive addresses. Owning, facilitating, and operating a building in a central part of a popular big city will naturally entail much greater expenses than buildings in smaller cities. The various offices can also vary in price depending on whether extra lucrative facilities are offered.

Avoid expensive surprises

To avoid unforeseen expenses, remember to ask the office-supplier for a thorough list of potential costs. Know what's included—and what's not—before you sign an agreement. Some serviced office providers charge extra for the use of meeting rooms, coffee, and printing. The advantages such as a single expense and simple budgeting quickly disappear. Instead, look for office suppliers that have everything included in one price, such as Evolve.

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