5 benefits of choosing a flexible office.

Feb 9, 2024

Whether you should choose flexible office solution or not, is a question that more and more companies have to ask themselves. At the risk of revealing ourselves too early, the biggest advantage of flexible offices is precisely flexibility. It simply gives you many advantages that traditional offices cannot compete against. Here are our 5 favorite benefits of choosing a flexible office.

Tying the company to a 10-year contract can be risky. Inflexible, long-term leases can result in unpredictable expenses, and inefficient use of space where you have to take more responsibility for the office. If you are still in doubt about what a flexible office is, you can read our complete guide.

1. Choose where you want to be!

With a flexible office provider, you can choose to use many different office locations. Whether it's an office close to where you live, at the other end of a collective hub, or in the middle of the city. Whatever suits you and your day.

To women are enjoying a cup of coffe while having a meeting in the social sone at the office
Coffee meeting with good colleagues in the social zone

Separation between work and home

We have probably established quite collectively as a society that the home office is here to stay. However, it can still be good to have an office to go to. Both to give yourself a break from work, and to a certain extent to let home be a place for restitution, social enjoyment, and recharging. At the same time, it can be quite nice to have a professional place to meet customers, hold meetings, and build networks.
In addition, when the staff of the neighborhood cafe starts scowling at you, after your endless work sessions with only one coffee of the day .. Well, maybe it's time to look for an office to go to?

A desk to go to.

Choose an office location as needed

With flexible offices, you can book a magnificent meeting room at the city's best address to impress big clients or choose the nearby office for a quiet day with e-mails. A flexible office provider offers office access from several different offices.

2. Everything you need to run a business is included in the rent!

spend your time on what is important to you – developing your business. Maintenance of office furniture, selection of electricity contracts and waste sorting, or upgrading of printers is something that contributes to growth in very few companies.
Flexible office providers fix all this for you. Here you can troop up to the office to meet high-speed internet, good air quality in state-of-the-art buildings with regular cleaning, tidy common areas, modern furniture, source sorting, and drink-as-much-as-you-want sustainable coffee. Completely worry-free.
So...Yeah, what do you want to spend your time on?

Tidy entrence with a coat and a pair of choes neat put up.
Start the working day with a tidy welcome

Shared facilities

If you're a small business, many small costs can suddenly eat up more of your budget than what is worth it. When you choose a flexible office provider, all facilities are available at all times, without it eating anything extra out of your budget.

  • Coffee
  • Print
  • Training room
  • Meeting room with top-modern technical equipment

Make the office a place you want to be

Norwegians spend a large part of their everyday lives indoors and in the office. Good design is essential for the office to be a place you want to be. If you prioritize inspiring surroundings, it will yield returns for both employees and customers. The employees are drawn to the office and the collegium can thus draw synergy effects from each other, while customers experience you as a professional and welcoming company.

To keep the office inspiring throughout the working day, it is important to have the opportunity to take a change of scene during the day. Move and get new impulses and perspectives. A flexible office provider will be able to offer:

  • Lounge with social zone
  • Private rooms
  • Large meeting rooms
  • Small co-working spaces
  • Places to relax
  • Quiet areas
Loungechair with some apples on the table
Just as important as a good desk are good places to relax.

Take the role of the organizer!

With flexible office solutions, even smaller companies can arrange courses and workshops completely free of charge. Book a larger meeting room, and invite your customers to a professional chat in the social zone after the end of core hours.

3. Keep the budget simple

With flexible offices, you have one bill to deal with. One bill, one price, no unforeseen costs. This is what we call a stable and safe alternative.

Plan for tomorrow's uncertainty

A flexible office allows quick and dynamic decisions. Move in on the day, pay for the space you need today, and adjust as needed.

Office desk with a great view over the Drammen river
Enjoy today's view while making tomorrow's plans.

4. Easy to grow with

Have you been worried about locking your business into an office that is too small? With flexible offices, you can easily add new desks and workstations for new employees, in the short or long term. Do not sit on top of each other. Have the space you need daily.

Network and collaboration

A flexible office community can provide the benefit of new perspectives. Meet different companies with different views and angles and discuss professional issues in the queue for the coffee machine. Here you can find new customers and enjoy the value from a fresh perspective. More established companies can experience increased innovation through the synergy effects that arise from sharing an office with several start-up companies.

Social lounge sone in the office in front of meetingroom 2
Social zone works great for networking

Availability around the clock

Whether you're a night owl or a morning person, flexible offices are open 24/7. Come and go as you please.

Top modern technical equipment

Investing in and maintaining state-of-the-art technical equipment can be a full-time job in itself. With flexible offices, the office supplier who serves the office will take care of just this part. Let someone else do it!

Spacious meetingroom with top modern technical equipment.
Meeting room with top modern technical equipment.

5. Flexibility.

The way we see it, flexibility is the obvious advantage of flexible offices. It's not in the name without a reason. Flexibility done right provides motivated employees with a great sense of responsibility and high productivity.

How do I know that flexible working works for me?

Well, again, the biggest advantage is that it is flexible – you can test out the solutions that suit you best. Take a trial period, and scale up or down the usage depending on what turns out to suit you best. But before you choose, you should research; what does the office provider include in the rent? If, for example, meeting rooms are not included in the rent, this can be an expensive additional expense. Then it might be a good idea to ask what wishes the employees have. Where do they want the office to be located, what facilities do they want, and how many days a week do the employees want a home office?

Lounge area at the office with a fire place.
Relaxing lounge area with fireplace for recovery during the working day.

3 pros and cons

Pro: Freedom for flexible adjustments

Cons: Vague boundaries

Pro: Fewer costs

Cons: It is not suitable for everyone

Pros: Can be adapted to the individual's needs

Cons: Requires more active focus to build a corporate culture

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