We had a quick chat with the new Norwegian boss of X-PENG about cars, summer and the future for the exciting car brand!

Portrait photo of the Norway boss in X-PENG Claes Persson with an illustrated sun in the background

Can you say in two sentences who X-PENG is?

- We are a leading car manufacturer, which intends to be part of the transition to the mobile solutions of the future. not only in terms of electric cars, but also other electric vehicles such as flying electric cars. 

How long have you been with Evolve? 

- We have recently moved in and have been at Evolve with 20 team places for one week only! 

Why is Evolve so good for you? 

- It was the relevant locations that were absolutely central to the choice falling on Evolve for us. It is convenient to have access to Evolve's entire network of offices. Now we are in Henrik Ibsens gate, but we also have a showroom in Bjørvika, so it's nice to have access to the offices there. in addition, we also have many international guests, and use the offices at Oslo S, which is easily accessible from Gardemoen. Evolve's flexible office solutions therefore suit us very well!

Roof terrace with sofa furniture on a summer day with good weather
Evolve Nationaltheateret — In Henrik Ibsensgate 40, Evolve has flexible office solutions with a lovely patio for all tenants

What are you looking forward to happening at XPENG this autumn? 

- We will be happy to actually show our latest model, which will come later this autumn. The new G9 model is shown in Norway as the first country outside China. We think that's great. 

Last autumn, you were named by Kantar this year's best known newcomer. What is the goal for this year?

- It is a good price to get, both as a relatively new company, but also as a Chinese company as well. The goal for this year is to build on our establishment in Norway. As I mentioned, we are the first country outside China that XPENG launches in and opened in Norway in March 2020. The goal is to establish ourselves even more in Norway, and grow together with our partners here. 

What are you looking forward to this summer?

- To have some vacation. It will be a little more work than I would like, but I cross my fingers that we can go out to travel this summer. We have a summer place in Spain, so I hope we get a trip down there. I live in Norway for weeks, while I have my family in Sweden and commute there on the weekends. So I hope to be a lot at home in Sweden as well, but vipps there was a small air strike… so we will now see how it will be. 

Podcast, music or book on the beach? 

- Podcast.

Favorite podcast now? 

- At the moment I listen a lot to inspirational podcasts, for example there is a lot going on in Petter Stordalen and that kind of people during the day. 

Do you have a fun, embarrassing or nice summer memory you want to share with us?

- Well, last summer my family and I rented a house on the west coast of Sweden, out in Bohuslän in Smögen, and it was really nice. Maybe it is a well-known holiday resort for Norwegians as well?

Bright office space with several desks with a view of the green area through the four windows
Flex zone at the Evolve Nationaltheateret — Do you want to try our flex agreement? Go to evolve's website and buy a deal today

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