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Feb 7, 2023

When Statoil moved in as the first tenant in 1972, the building was called "The Skyscraper on Lagårdsveien". The 1970s building in Lagårdsveien in Paradis has housed both Statoil, Statens Hus, and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Now the building has been rehabilitated and developed into a modern multi-use building modeled after an international urban development project. At the local center around street level, there is everything from a bakery to a pharmacy, catering, and a coffee bar or hairdresser. It all comes together in a large grocery store downstairs. Now Infor Norge is moving in!

Infor Norway is one of those companies that has many branches, and does a lot of exciting things. However, their main focus is to be a system supplier of cloud-based ERP solutions. ERP solutions you ask? ERP solutions are logistics and production systems for typical industries such as the food industry, and production & distribution operations. You can think of it as the conductor of the data flow.

Infor Norge will move into Evolve in Lagårdsveien in December.

At Evolve, we have what we need to do our job. Everything from the technical infrastructure, and in addition to what is office-wise important; everything from showers to canteens... The value for us lies in having an office that is not just a home office, but an office where we have good opportunities to cultivate our interdisciplinary collaboration, says Customer Success Manager in Infor Norway, Øyvind Nilsen.
Customer Success Manager in Infor Norway, Øyvind Nilsen.
Customer Success Manager in Infor Norway, Øyvind Nilsen

Offices with a panoramic view? Yes, please!

Evolve Lagårdsveien is located in the forward-looking, newly rehabilitated, and functional office building Lagårdsveien 78-80. Here, the importance of varied work zones is emphasized - an office designed for different types of work, interaction, and screening for more concentrated work.

The view from the newly rehabilitated, and functional office building Lagårdsveien 78-80.
The view from the newly rehabilitated, and functional office building Lagårdsveien 78-80.

The Evolve offices are located on the building's 5th and 6th floors with lovely sea views and large window surfaces for good light conditions. Inside the office, there is a good variety of open workplaces and smaller and larger lockable team offices. Great meeting room facilities, quiet rooms, and multiroom.

We also know that nothing can replace meeting someone physically in a pleasant social zone. That's why the office has a lounge with a café table for informal meetings or one for a lazy chat in the kitchen around the coffee machine.

Relaxing and comfortable lounge area
Relaxing and comfortable lounge area for a different vibe.

Inspirational moments

To create inspiring, motivating, and pleasant workplaces that meet the needs of tomorrow's working life, we continuously work closely with interior architects and place great emphasis on creating good environments, and smart and varied work zones. With a focus on health and the environment, we are keen to choose ergonomically correct quality furniture. Together with Krohn Ark interior architects, we have curated a selection of quality furniture and interiors that carry weighty certification in the field of environment and sustainability.

Facilities responsible for Infor Norway, Henriette Eckbo, emphasizes the importance of good offices.

It’s important to us that the premises feel fresh and nice. After all, we receive clients sometimes and the office must be an attractive and cool place that inspires good ideas. We have a lot of business meetings, so it is important to us that the meeting rooms are well ventilated, bright and nice. They have really managed all this in Lagårdsveien. There are spacious rooms and room to flourish, whether it's in larger or smaller meetings, or whether it's to go into a phone booth for a call. Evolve has solved all that really well.
Facilities responsible for Infor Norway, Henriette Eckbo
Facilities responsible for Infor Norway, Henriette Eckbo

At Lagårdsveien 80 you will find meeting room chairs and office chairs designed by industrial designers such as Antonio Citterio and the brothers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra - a company with ambitious goals in the field of environment and sustainability, and here you also walk on Bolon floors made from 100% recycled materials with a shelf life of 15 years - to name a few.

Office hub

I would say that location was important to us. With regard to good public transport but also proximity to the city center. We almost hit the mark on everything with Evolve, says Customer Success Manager Øyvind Nilsen

The office has a central location linked to public transport, with buses and trains just outside the door. Here you can take the train directly to the airport in just over half an hour, or right into the city center in 10 minutes. In addition, there are plenty of parking spaces in the building's car park and a guest car park.

Spacious and comfortable meetingroom
Spacious and comfortable meetingroom.

We all know that a hero cannot do without food and drink. That is why we are extra happy that the offices in Stavanger offer Evolvere a great canteen in addition to many groceries and catering options in the immediate vicinity.

What made Infor Norway choose flexible offices at Evolve in Stavanger? Øyvind Nilsen believes flexibility is important.

The fact that Evolve can deliver an office solution where we have the opportunity to by ourselves, and close the door to the office landscape we have. Be a little private, simply put. At the same time, Evolve is flexible when it comes to possible expansion, concludes Nilsen.

Historic building

When Statoil moved in as the first tenant in 1972, the building was called "The Skyscraper on Lagårdsveien". The 70s building in Lagårdsveien 78-80 in Paradis has housed both Statoil, Statens Hus, and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, now they have been rehabilitated and developed

When Statoil and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate were to establish themselves towards the end of the 70s, it was difficult to find suitable premises. Both players considered turning their noses at the capital, but property developer Alv Johannessen quickly offered premises in Stavanger - specifically in Lagårdsveien 78 and 80. - Alv went to Oslo to say that there was space available in Stavanger. You can't really say he is Stavanger's salvation, but he was probably an important contributor, says Valheim, who is Johannessen's son-in-law to the daily.

Overview of the surrounding area to Lagårdsveien 78-80 in Paradis
Overview of the surrounding area of Lagårdsveien 78-80 in Paradis, Stavanger

Rehabilitation is more environmentally friendly than new construction.

Environmentally and energy-efficient, modern and good technical solutions and materials have been central to the design of the building's rehabilitation process. The property has achieved the BREEAM NOR certification "Very Good" and energy rating A for the top two floors of the low-rise block.

A paradise in development?

The area around Paradis will be the subject of a major transformation with the potential for 200,000 square meters of residential and business development, according to the municipality's master plan. In addition, the adjacent area will undergo an infrastructure upgrade in the coming years, we can read on eiendomswatch.no


We believe that flexibility in the office is about adapting your need for an office to the company's development. With our products: flex, base, and team, we can follow your growth curve and guarantee good offices at all times - for old and new employees in large and small companies. Should someone in the company need an office space outside of Stavanger, for a short or long time, any lease also includes available flex spaces and meeting rooms from our over 20 offices around Norway. And you, when we talk about flexibility, it's also important to mention that our standard leases only have a 1-3 month notice period 😉

You can always call or send me an email, so maybe we can arrange a non-binding viewing over a chat!

Do you want team or base space? Now you get the first 3 months free, with a 12-month commitment. <3

Spacious area between meetingroom 3 and a bigger teamroom
Spacious area between meetingroom 3 and a bigger teamroom.


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