Powerhouse Telemark - the world's most spectacular and energy-efficient building?

Feb 7, 2023

Yes, it is. Powerhouse Telemark is a world-class environmental building. Working in these offices will be an experience in itself and provide a "slightly easier everyday life" with a focus on efficiency, digitization, and service offerings.

The 11-story building, with its distinctive sculptural shape, is undoubtedly a signal building and a landmark and will be a highly visible landmark for road users both on land and by water. Over two floors, Evolve offers team offices with anywhere from 4 to 32 workplaces, plus fixed base spaces and flexible flex spaces in an open work zone. Here, employees can look forward to a day at the office with facilities such as training rooms, changing rooms, electric car charging, bicycle storage, a canteen, and a spectacular roof terrace.

The facade of Powerhouse Telemark

Available office at the foot of Frednesbrua

The office has a central location and plenty of parking spaces for both cars and bicycles attached to the building. Centrally located by public transport, it is only a couple of minutes' walk to the nearest bus stop.

In a flexible working day, it can often be important to be able to divide the day between different offices or customer meetings. During rush hour, the train to Tønsberg will take just under 49 minutes before it travels into the capital in just over two hours, while it takes a 40-minute drive to Torp Airport, where there are departures to cities all over the country.

Evolve offices with a kitchen facilities
Evolve offices with a kitchen facilities

Inspirational moments

We know that to create inspiring, motivating, and pleasant working days, inspiring, motivating, and pleasant workplaces are also required. Not least, the office must meet the needs of tomorrow's everyday working life. We continuously work to renew our offices in close collaboration with interior architects who place great emphasis on creating smart, ergonomically correct, and varied work zones.

Not least, we know that nothing can replace a ball of laughter at the coffee machine. Meeting physically in a pleasant social zone will always be something special. That's why our offices have a socially arranged lounge with café tables for informal meetings or one for a lazy chat at the weekend.

Not to forget the spectacular roof terrace on the 11th floor with views as far as the eye can see. Bring a customer, a piping hot coffee, and enjoy the view. In both sparkling sun and mythical fog, this view is something very special to take into the day.

The view from the roof-terrace at Powerhouse Porsgrunn
Enjoy a cup coffee in the morning sun with a great view!

Always available meeting rooms

As mentioned, an important part of going to the office is to meet. And the boring conversations must (unfortunately) come to an end and give way to more PowerPoint-based meetings. Each meeting has its own goal, its agenda, and tone. That is why we are keen that the Evolve offices have meeting rooms for every occasion. In Powerhouse Telemark, there is also a separate meeting room center available - completely free - for all tenants. On the 10th floor, there are meeting rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Meetingroom at ground floor with great windows for 9 people
A calm meeting room at the ground floor

A hero in a more flexible everyday life.

As you know, the hero cannot do without food and drink. That is why we are extra happy that Evolvers at Powerhouse Telemark are warmly welcome at the staff restaurant "Kraft" on the building's 9th floor. Here, great emphasis is placed on healthy food - every day.

4Service prioritizes ecology and local producers as part of a larger, and total, investment in sustainability. In developing our menus, nutritious food is a matter of course. We make food from scratch, and use ingredients when they are in season and at their best, says director of sales and marketing, Marius Pedersen to 4Service, which runs the Kraft restaurant.
A man ready for lunch at the Kraft restaurant
A typical lunch at the Kraft restaurant

To make everyday office life even more flexible, access to a fitness room with shower and changing room facilities is also included for all tenants. This applies whether you have a flex, base, or team membership. But - even with a gym nearby, the "doorstep mile" can feel endless. Read our 6 tips for prioritizing exercise in everyday life here.

Fitness room available for all tenants

Design and well-being

The interior of Evolve's premises, which are located on the 1st and 2nd floor, has the same overall interior as the rest of Powerhouse Telemark. The building's interior has been chosen to reduce unnecessary waste when new tenants move in or out. The floor, glass walls, partitions, kitchenette, and lighting have been given the same design, materials, and color on all floors. To reduce the need for artificial lighting to an absolute minimum, the building has a conservative but effective lighting system that still provides a cozy experience.

Multiroom with laidback chairs, for phonecalls and smaller meetings
Multiroom for ad-hock meetings and phonecalls.

The building that generates more energy than it uses

Powerhouse Telemark is one of the world's most energy-efficient buildings - a world-class environmental building. The BREEAM-NOR Excellent-certified environmental building was designed by Snøhetta. Here, the interior and choice of materials have been carefully selected for their environmental and sustainable qualities.

Powerhouse Telemark is defined as a building that generates more energy than it uses during its lifetime. Several have done very impressive construction engineering solutions to achieve this. Among them, large parts of the facade and the roof are covered with solar panels.


We believe that flexibility in the office is about adapting your need for an office to the company's development. With our products: flex, base, and team, we can follow your growth curve and guarantee good offices at all times - for old and new employees in large and small companies. Should someone in the company need an office space outside Porsgrunn, for a short or long time, any lease also includes available flex spaces and meeting rooms from our over 25+ offices around Norway. And one more thing, when we talk about flexibility, it's also important to mention that our standard leases only have a 1-3 month notice period 😉

You can always call or send me an email, so maybe we can arrange a non-binding viewing over a chat or take a look at our digital display of Powerhouse Telemark here.

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