From town hall to Tønsberg's new office place!

Feb 9, 2024

The building which for several decades housed Tønsberg's old town hall has today been completely renovated and converted into modern office premises.

Do you want the office in Tønsberg? This is how to get there

The train station is 25 meters from the main entrance - and you can get here from Oslo in 61 minutes, Drammen in 36 minutes, Sandefjord in 17 minutes, and Larvik in 34 minutes. The bus terminal is 350 meters away and has departures to other parts of Vestfold and Telemark. Parking spaces for rent in the immediate vicinity and the possibility of bicycle parking in the basement.

If you are going to Oslo Airport, the train goes directly - and with Flytoget looking to extend its route, there is reason to believe that the journey time here will be even shorter in the future.

Jørgen and Jonas from Manpower are among those who have been at the Evolve offices in Tønsberg the longest. With the wing to themselves and shared lunch, they think there is little to delay in the offices

Things to do close to the Tønsberg office

Right outside the main entrance, Tønsberg lies at your feet - with a wide range of shops, eateries, and service establishments in the immediate vicinity. ‍

Fresh air between meetings? We celebrate walk-and-talk

The station is almost surrounded by small city parks. Lystlunden received a total renovation which was completed only a couple of years ago and is located right outside the door. If the need for a short walk arises, it is also on the other side of the railway track "name". Here there are benches, a statue, a small body of water, and a green view towards the park and cemetery, the perfect distance for a walk-and-talk. In addition, Evolve Tønsberg is blessed with an impressive view from the large roof terrace that goes around the entire building, with a brilliant overview of both the city and the fjord.

Where to lunch?

If against the odds, neither the packed lunch nor the Station lunch tempts you, we can advise that you can get the city's best-baked goods at With. With can be found in several places in the city, and from the Evolve office there is one a walk away in the direction of Vestfold Hospital, and another a walk in the opposite direction at the City Hall. However, you can get the city's solid best coffee at the competitor, Bare Barista in Øvre Langgate.

Activities and fitness center

If you need to move your body and dancing around the pier's hidden strip bars isn't exactly what you're looking for, a walk up Slottsfjell can get most people's pulse up. Read our tips for prioritizing exercise in everyday life.

Bar and nightlife

The city's newest wine bar fans the natural wine across the street from Bare Barista, ROT wine bar. Mentioned by the local newspaper as "urban and exciting", we hope the bar is here to stay.

After establishing itself as one of the best beer places in Western Norway, the successful Bergen concept Apollon has opened its second branch below Tønsberg Torg in Rådhusgaten 4. Here you get Vestfold's most comprehensive selection of vinyl and by far the longest line of taps. In addition to the weekly music quiz, they also offer niche lectures, such as this exciting lecture about yeast.

If curiosity exceeds Stasjonen's shuffleboard and billiards, perhaps Tønsberg's oldest pub in 1926, Standard Kafè, may tempt you. Fear, not the old number, this gang keeps the city alive. In addition to pool tables, the otherwise versatile pub offers a pleasant atmosphere with older rock on the speakers and regular concerts, quizzes, lectures, and political events.

The gorgeous restaurant on the Station's 1st floor is run by renowned Lava, which offers pure, natural, and genuine ingredients. This also has the role of a canteen for the workplaces in the building. The pleasant café on the 1st floor serves delicious coffee, cakes, and spreads that you can easily take "on the go". Here you can also have an informal meeting - or experience an exciting cultural event, regular after-works, quizzes, stand-up shows, and concerts are arranged here.

Inspiring offices with the city's best roof terrace

Evolve Tønsberg station is centrally located in the completely renovated BREEM-certified building The station, which was previously the city's town hall. The premises, which have a modern design, consisting of open work zones and as many as 17 lockable team offices with 2 to 18 workplaces.

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