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Feb 9, 2024

We spoke with the CEO / CFO of Kyoto Group Camilla Nilsson about their innovative work in sustainable energy solutions. Hear more about why it has been beneficial for Kyoto Group with flexible offices from Evolve in their exciting scale-up phase!

First, who is the Kyoto group and what do they do? 

Most people are aware that we must limit CO2 emissions. Not as many people are aware that much of the emissions come from heating. Kyoto Group is an energy company that develops solutions for capturing and managing energy from renewable energy sources on a large scale. In the past year, Kyoto Group has raised capital, gone public and established an impressive board with heavyweights from the Norwegian business community, such as Eivind Reiten and Thorleif Enger to name a few.

If we look at the total energy consumption in the world today, half of this goes to heat. 90% of this half comes from oil and coal. This info often disappears a bit in the big debate. - Camilla Nilson, CEO & CFO, Kyoto Group

Heat cube - a smarter use of renewable energy

By using thermal batteries and the heart baby "Heat Cube", Kyoto Group will help the industry to phase out the use of oil and coal by utilizing renewable energy smarter. The thermal battery enables load displacement by storing energy from renewable sources when it is plentiful, and releasing it later when there is a greater need. This gives lower costs and more clean energy!

That's why they need flexible offices from Evolve

Kyoto Group delivers a product that is important for the future of the planet and which therefore also creates interest among many. This has led to them having to hire more people quickly. Then it is important that the offices can follow the growth. Nilsson tells what is important when the company is going from 10 to 50 employees in 3 years. She is clear that changing leases regularly to keep up with growth is a process Kyoto Group wants to avoid.

Camilla Nilson, CEO & CFO, Kyoto Group laughs as she answers questions during the video interview
Thrives on flexibility — Camilla Nilson

It quickly becomes expensive if you increase the use of external premises at an hourly rate. Here at Evolve we pay a fixed price. Everything is included. Print, coffee, meeting rooms, etc. Nothing comes on top, and we know what we have to deal with. It is very nice. - Camilla Nilson, CEO & CFO, Kyoto Group

Bright and presentable reception at Evolve Lysaker
Representative receptionEvolve Phillip Pedersens vei 11 is a modern new office in central Lysaker

From hybrid office to further growth

Much of the growth of the Kyoto Group has taken place while the country has been in lockdown. Nilsson talks about a noticeable new "drive" among employees when several returned to proper office premises after working from home office.

“It is a very nice interior and a comfortable environment. It is quiet and soothing in a good way. So I am very excited about what it will be like in the new premises when we move there.”

Camilla Nilson works on a laptop at her office desk

Moves across the street to the new Evolve Lysaker

Because when Kyoto Group makes further growth in the second quarter of 2022, they will take their laptops with them and move across the street to new and fresh premises at Evolve Lysaker. Here they will have access to 12 large and small meeting rooms, fitness rooms, carpentry interior in the common areas and modern furnishings from suppliers such as Vitra, Hay and Bolon, to name a few.     

We are proud that Kyoto Group continues the adventure here with us at Evolve.

Overview of the building where Evolve Lysaker has its offices
Opens in 2022 — Kyoto Group moves to brand new premises at Evolve Lysaker in 2022

The craft has a cabinetmaker's interior for the lounge area
Interior Evolve LysakerFurniture carpentry interior of the craft

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