Long-term, circular and good coffee in the office - meet our new supplier King Coffee!

Sep 22, 2022

We know that the coffee industry can have a frayed reputation. With that in mind, it goes without saying for us that you should get sustainable and delicious "feelgood coffee" in our offices.

In the foreground a poster that tells about the merits of King Coffee, in the background boxes of coffee

Did you know that coffee and caffeine can boost the performance you do at work? We know this, and therefore a good coffee offer is a matter of course in our offices. It should be quality coffee presented in a good way, without it going to the detriment of our soil.

Coffee that tastes good, for a long time! 

King Coffee is simply king. This is a small coffee company with a big heart that follows the business model of the future. They, like us, believe that "sustainability" and "social responsibility" are more than words, and no one should be allowed to say that they do not mean business. King Coffee has won several climate awards, and they are constantly receiving positive reviews in lectures, newspapers and books.

King Coffee believes that those who make money from coffee are committed to contributing to sustainable development and development assistance in the countries where coffee is grown. In 2020, King Coffee therefore financed, among other things, an education center in Uganda through a collaboration with Plan International Norway - a project that will provide better future prospects for 4,000 girls and boys. In addition, the coffee machine's rental income from the first three months goes in full to Norwegian Church Aid, which builds wells and water stations in the coffee's home country, Ethiopia.

Want to know more about King Coffee?

Circular economy on old coffee grounds

Of the coffee grounds that are left over, the company grows oyster mushrooms in collaboration with Gruten AS; an exemplary example of circular economy in our eyes. Feel free to keep this nice thought in mind while taking a well-deserved coffee break.

Oyster mushrooms in a basket, napkins, coffee, coffee grounds and beans delicately arranged on a table
In collaboration with Gruten AS, Kings Coffee grows oyster mushrooms on collected coffee grounds from their coffee machines

King Coffee's office coffee is not just coffee, but a good example of how small businesses can also make a big difference - without compromising your taste experience. The coffee is made from premium arabica beans, which gives the cup a real taste. And, as the only ones on the market, all coffee is also 100% climate compensated.

Lounge area with coffee machine in an Evolve office

We are now rolling out new machines at all centers

We are now rolling out the King Coffee machines continuously to all our offices. We could not have been happier to have an innovative and future-oriented company like Kings Coffee to help make your workday a little more sustainable. Feel free to stop by for a free cup of coffee at one of our many centers. And if you want a view, you can always call, or send me an email!

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