Evolve provides flexible offices at Oslo Business Forum 2022!

Feb 7, 2023

Oslo Business Forum (OBF) works to inspire and equip company managers with powerful tools and ideas that can make the world a better place because they believe that it is the most effective way to ~do~ it.

Develops leaders

Since 2016, OBF has been passionate about helping business leaders grow as leaders. They do this by creating knowledge content such as podcasts, webinars, and articles at the same time as they annually hold larger events that bring together world-class leaders to share their knowledge.

The budding entrepreneurs from Oslo Business Forum 2021

This year, the two-day event, "Oslo Business Forum 2022", takes place outside Lillestrøm in Nova Spektrum, the 21th, and 22th of September. There are over 3,000 registrants from all industries and this year there are also over 10,000 participating digitally. Evolve's head of sales and marketing, Aziz Chaer, believes that OBF is one of the most successful events in leadership and business development.

We have always had an eye for OBF and are fascinated by that group. They are incredibly good and I have never experienced the level of execution ability. You are simply inspired by them. It has been a lot of fun following them, and not least through everything they get to do through our flexible lease agreements. We have a close and good cooperation with them.
From Oslo Business Forum's Evolve office in Henrik Ibsensgate.

We don't joke about flexible offices

This year, Evolve is exhibiting for the first time at OBF with pop-ups of Evolve and Kime offices. When Evolve talks about flexible offices, they mean it. The offices arrange for the conference participants to be able to work a little between the games. If you're not in for a lecture, you have the option of sitting at our pop-up offices - either from a soundproof telephone booth, at a lift-down desk, or from a proper work table.

You can make that phone call, send that email or attend that meeting even from the conference.

Aziz and the gang from the offices' furniture supplier, Finnish Martela, stay in the conference's mingling area, closest to the booking center - during the entire conference's opening hours.

What we are looking for and hoping for is meeting new tenants. As flexible offices are something we are experiencing more and more interest in from forward-leaning managers, it feels like we have something to add by being part of the conference and talking to those who are there. Many of the decision-makers we are looking to meet are at the conference and several of these we know are also relevant to the market around the flexible office solutions Evolve can offer.

And you, one more thing - we are also handing out a lot of flex places to those who meet us at the stand and have a chat ;-) Hope to see you at the year's most important event for forward-leaning managers!

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Jens Rask Jensen
Evy Marie F. Lavik
Merlinda Dresh

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