Evolve expands in Lillestrøm

Evy Marie F. Lavik
Feb 7, 2023

Evolve's offices in the Lund quarter have a short distance to everything. We check in with Evolve's own Merlinda about what she thinks is the best thing about the office solutions in Lillestrøm.

With a modern and sleek design, we offer ( as always ;-) ) flex space, base space and team offices with anything from 2 - 10 seats. Curious about the difference in the different places? Read more about it here.

Office desks at the end of an open landscape with a great view of green space
Evolve Lillestrøm Station — Here you sit high up with good lighting conditions and views!

Why does Evolve open in Lillestrøm?

- Evolve opens new premises in Lillestrøm because we saw great potential here. There is simply a market for it. At first we had a smaller center, but it was rented out so quickly that there was nothing to do but secure 3 more floors in one of Lillestrøm's newest and roughest buildings. So then we did it! The new premises were even almost fully let before Evolve took over as well, so there is no doubt that it was the right choice. In addition, we are opening in Lillestrøm because it is a city in development. A lot happens here and geographically it is absolutely perfect as it is close to Oslo and close to Gardermoen for those tenants who are a little more international and get a lot of visits from abroad. 

What will be unique about the Lillestrøm premises?

- Evolve offers the same product no matter which center you are at, but having said that, the premises in Lillestrøm stand out both because they are located in a brand new building, with the wildest view over the whole of Lillestrøm and then there is the incredible amount daylight that is here. Together with the design of the premises, it will be incredibly nice. Everything just flaps here.

Who can they look after? 

- These premises can be suitable for absolutely everyone. Regardless of industry, and size of company.

Over to transport, how long does it take with trains in the different directions?

- By train it is only 10 minutes from Oslo S to Lillestrøm, it also takes one minute to walk to the train station. From Lillestrøm to Gardermoen it is 12 minutes. In addition, there are short distances in the city center and easy to get around.

Illustrated overview of the surrounding area
Super central — Proximity to public transport, pedestrian street and dining options!

What is in the immediate area?

- Lillestrøm's new municipal library is actually in the same building as Evolve, we also have the venerable Lillestrøm Kultursenter as the first neighbour! A culture house with a long history where the idea is that the building we are sitting in will function as part of the network of the cultural center. Not far away you also have Lillestrøm's busiest street, Storgata which is the pedestrian street in the city with many dining options, restaurants and shops. The shopping center of Lillestrøm is also just around the corner. So yes - you really have the whole of Lillestrøm right nearby. 

Tell us a little about the venue! How big is it?

- The room is approximately 1300 sqm, over 3 floors with just under 100 seats. We have a roof terrace that is very zen and suitable for either an outdoor meeting or a small time-out. The building also has its own bicycle workshop, with bicycle parking, washing and where it is arranged to do easy maintenance. As always, an office space at Evolve also includes free coffee, a printer and a meeting room.

Lounge area in office

What are the top 3 best things about Evolve Lillestrøm? 

- The location, the view and just simply, the good feeling you get from being on the premises. Are you sitting with your eyes on the stalk ready to know a little more about the offices in Lillestrøm? Maybe see some cars? Please, read on, and send or call our portfolio seller, Jens Rask Jensen on tel. +47 464 33 394 if you wanted to renew your office solutions. Sounds!

Operations manager at Evolve, Merlinda Dresh

Are you sitting with your eyes on the stalk ready to know a little more about the offices in Lillestrøm? Maybe see some more pictures? It's coming very soon! But in the meantime, you can read a little more about the location here and send or call our portfolio seller, Jens Rask Jensen on tel. +47 464 33 394 if you wanted to renew your office solutions. Sounds!

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