Brand new office space on Løren, and well then ...

Merlinda Dresh
Feb 7, 2023

Yes, because here on Løren you not only get access to Evolve's new premises - you also get an exciting and ever-growing district as the nearest neighbor. We have checked out what is located near our new premises here at Parallell Løren.

Overview picture and the building where Evolve Løren is located
Evolve Løren — from the roof terrace you can see all the way down to the Oslofjord!

We have just opened another floor on Løren! And with that, we want to present a little more of what is located near our flexible offices in this exciting district:

Are you going to the office on Løren? How to get there

Parallel is located right next to the public transport hub Økern. In 10 minutes you are in central Oslo by metro from Hasle Metro or Løren Metro. By car there is a super easy exit and very clearly visible from Ring 3 / E6 and Østre Aker vei. There are good bus connections in all directions, with the nearest bus stops being Økern, Haslevangen and Lørenvangen. If you are going to Oslo Airport, the airport bus express will take you there in 40 minutes.

New Løren subway station
Nye Løren station

Some fresh air between meetings?

Hovindammen is idyllically located with green trees and lawns on all sides in the middle of Hovinparken
Hovinparken - 10 minutes walk from Evolve Løren is the lush Hovinparken


Nice park for recreation and hiking for both two and four-legged, right down the bend. There are also rumors that the pond is fish-bearing (trout), without us being able to confirm this.

The wine castle

Shopping center and architectural icon in Vinmonopolet's old factory premises where you will find what you need from a shopping center. There is also Gastropub, with board games, Shuffleboard and Oche. Perfect place to celebrate well done work. Across the street, Pipa is also reopening, with an exciting wine and pizza-slice concept!

Activities and Fitness Center

Strong Løren

Strong Løren can tempt with personal training in small groups, premium hall, free coffee and up to two hours free parking. (In our experience, you rarely need anything more for a good session.) In addition to a good and tidy fitness center, with good service. They also have no binding time, if you want to try a little different.

Studio Job Talk

Studio Jobbsprek has a giant fitness center in Økern Portal, with the latest and most generous equipment for you to get the ultimate training effect. They also have offers for children and young people with, among other things, an impressive activity hall. Super fresh wardrobes, and very good smoothies that can be enjoyed after the session. Free Parking for up to two hours.

Sats Hasle

Kit probably needs no introduction in a training context. A stone's throw down the road you will find Sats over Hasle Torg (where you also have everything you need from both shops, pharmacies and liquor stores.) Offers everything of strength, fitness and group training. We recommend group lessons with Indoor Running. Free Parking also here for 1.5 hours.


Oslo Tennis Arena is a fantastic tennis arena only 900 meters from Parallell and right by Hasle Metro. Here you can play tennis, train, or how about trying super fun paddle tennis?

The facility consists of 9 tennis courts, 4 paddle courts, gym, office and course rooms, modern changing rooms, cafeteria, tennis shop and staffed reception.

The facade of the Oslo tennis arena
Tennis on Løren - Norway's best indoor facility for Tennis is a stone's throw away from Evolve Løren

View Evolve Løren Hasle Office

Flexstore chose office at Evolve Løren

At Parallell we meet Christian Hanssen. He is the general manager of Flexistore, which is app-controlled mini warehouses, with the nearest warehouse just a stone's throw down the street. Christian says that he and his colleagues are very happy after using the offices at Parallell since July. They also use the local area, and say that they are going to a birthday party on Økern Portal later in the day. He cites centrality as the main reason why the choice fell on Parallel.

A man works at a flex site

Free meeting room included in rent

«I live in Lillestrøm, so when we first have offices in Oslo, Løren is absolutely perfect.

It is very nice with all the meeting rooms. If we had the same product and rented everything ourselves, it would have been something completely different. We get a lot for our money here.»

Large meeting room with a screen and a good view of the surrounding area at Løren
Free meeting rooms - Get access to the many free meeting rooms at Evolve Løren with one of our flexible leases

Christian, who is starting to become well known in the area, says that Løren has undergone a very positive change.

«It has become much nicer. The district has really picked up, and people are seeing it. In just a few years, there have been so many more here. There are the cozy side streets, with nurseries and the opportunities. Also, parking is never difficult. In addition, you have the subway right at the bottom here.»

Christian talks about growth plans from February, and will also use Evolve in Stavanger. But in Oslo they will stay at Parallell.

«It's super central. Another thing I have to brag about is the roof terrace in the summer.»

Visit flexistore here if you want to know more about their work and services:

An empty team office at Evolve Løren
Team Office - Now there will be several new team offices on Løren. Contact us today for a viewing!

We are expanding the offer at Evolve, Løren and have large and small offices available

Are you interested in new offices in an area with great ambitions for the future?

Call, or send us an email in the form at the bottom of the page. We look forward to showing you Evolve Løren

Vi møter deg gjerne for å finne riktig løsning

Jens Rask Jensen
Evy Marie F. Lavik
Merlinda Dresh

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